Local Government

The governing body in the Town of Vermont is comprised of a Town Board of Supervisors and a Planning Commission. The Town Board of Supervisors consists of a Town Chair and four Supervisors who represent the entire town’s population.  Two Supervisors are elected to two-year terms (Seats 2 & 4) which expire in even years.  Two Supervisors are elected to two-year terms (Seats 1 & 3) expiring in odd years, along with the Town Chair. Treasurer and Clerk are appointed positions as of April 2019.
contact: clerk@townofvermont.com

The Plan Commission consists of 7 members, at least 3 of whom are citizens who are not Town officials. At least 2 of the members serve on both the Plan Commission and the Town Board. The Town Chairman appoints all members of the Plan Commission at the June Town Board meeting.
contact: plancommission@townofvermont.com

Plan Commission terms are 3 years in length. The Plan Commission elects a Vice-Chairman and Secretary. The Plan Commission secretary may or may not be a member of the Plan Commission.

The main functions of the Plan Commission are to maintain a comprehensive Land Use Plan and to provide reports and recommendations to the Town Board related to planning and development

For additional information on the Plan Commission, refer to Ordinance 1.05.