Home Site

Home site permits are often applied for in conjunction with a driveway permit, zoning change or land division. If a home site would require a zoning change, that must be submitted at the same time. If you are planning a driveway, it is most efficient but not required that you submit the driveway application at the same time.

Prior to completing and submitting the Land Use Intent Form, it is critical that one verify that the current zoning district of the parcel where the home site is desired allows for a home site. Additionally, one must also verify that a potential development right (PDR) is associated with the property. Verification of PDRs can be completed through a Dane County density study and by checking Town of Vermont records.

The minimum lot size for any home in the Town of Vermont is two (2) acres. All lots require either sixty-six (66) feet of road frontage or a sixty-six (66) foot legal easement. The Town regulations also prohibit building in Resource Protection areas or floodplains, and there is a twenty-eight (28) foot height restriction in the Town’s designated Ridgetop Protection Area.

Reference Documents
Land Use Intent Form Application (interactive and printable)

Please also refer to the Application Checklist (interactive and printable) to ensure your form is submitted correctly the first time.

Please Note: You may, at any time throughout the zoning change process, contact the Town of Vermont Plan Commission Secretary at plancommission@townofvermont.com for information or guidance.