Tannerite Use

Tannerite Use in Vermont Township

There have been several complaints recently regarding the use of Tannerite in our township. Tannerite is a brand of binary explosive targets that is intended for use in firearms practice, as a shot-indicator and sold as a kit. Because it is sold as two separate components that are mixed by the user, it can be sold legally without the restrictions that would otherwise apply to explosives. The product is relatively stable and a reaction is initiated only when it is subjected to the force of a high-velocity bullet.
On their website, https://tannerite.com, Tannerite instructs users to “…not shoot targets larger than 1 pound unless it is required due to extreme long-range competition”. Recent incidents in locations throughout the United States have made it evident that “large explosions have the potential to cause harm to oneself, neighbors or to property”.
The Town of Vermont encourages any users of Tannerite to use the product properly. Out of courtesy to others, users should consider notifying neighbors within a reasonable amount of time of their intent to shoot Tannerite targets.

Residents who are concerned about an explosion:

As a resident, you have recourse with regard to the use of Tannerite! Call the non-emergency number 608-255-2345 (call 9-1-1 if it is an emergency) and let the dispatcher know that you heard an explosion and also indicate whether you suspect that it was due to the use of Tannerite. A Dane County Sheriff’s deputy will come to investigate the incident and could consider charging someone with a noise disturbance who has misused Tannerite.