Mobile (Wireless & Cell) Towers

Recently, there has been interest expressed by Bug Tussel in building a wireless tower in our area. Many residents may be (or may have already been) contacted regarding placement of the tower on their land.In accordance with State Statute, the Town of Vermont does not have much authority relating to the placement of mobile towers.
However, the town did approve an ordinance which requests that companies who wish to build a tower within the town apply for a permit. The goal is to promote collaboration between the company and the town so that the town may be able to provide guidance in terms of placement. Click here to review the Town of Vermont Mobile Tower Siting Permit Ordinance. While the decision to enter into an agreement with a tower company, is solely between a property owner(s) and the company, the Town Board felt that it might be helpful to provide potentially helpful resources to residents who are considering an agreement.

Links to Key Terms and Lease Rates
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  • Collocation (from Wikipedia)this term is used to when the cellular company allows other companies to build on their tower. As a result, the cellular company that owns the tower receives a rent from the co-locators. Within a lease, landowners can address collocation and receive a portion of the rent received by the cellular company.
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